Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas: Our Tree

Last year, I felt that my tree was rather dark and dull looking.  My ornaments were very rustic/country and many were brown with a colored accent.  I decided to change the color scheme (with Brian's permission, of course) to red and white for this year.

I bought two boxes of ornaments and the bow for the top of the tree at the end of season clearance sales last year and waited for Christmas time to come.

As the time for trimming the tree came closer, I asked my father about the ornaments that he and my mother used to have.  My mother changed the decorations on her tree every couple of years, but she always saved what she had in case she ever wanted to use them again.  

I asked Dad if he was planning to decorate this year.  No. So I then asked if I could borrow some of their ornaments that fell into the red and white category.  

The following Wednesday, when Dad came over for dinner, he brought with him and unopened package of red ornaments of different shapes, sizes and patterns, all in red.  He said that after Mom's last Christmas, they had gone shopping for Christmas ornaments because the following year Mom had planned to decorate her tree in red.  She never got to use them.

I have been holding on to these ornaments for the last month.  I couldn't wait to decorate the tree with them. I had a picture in my mind of what my tree would look like.  This isn't quite it.  This is way better! 


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