Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Weekend 2010

Christmas began on Christmas Eve day.  Brian had the day off which was a real treat for us! The night before Christmas Eve, Addie sat beside her little tree and said, "Oh no!  No presents under the tree!"  I felt so sorry for her, so Brian and I decided that because Addie has been so good about not touching anything, we put a little gift under her tree for her to open on Christmas Eve morning.  Do you think she was happy?

Her gift was the movie Bambi which she named "Reindeer". We watched it twice back to back, and she was asking for a third time before the credits came up.  We decided to sneak another video gift under her little tree for our own sanity.

We enjoyed our church's Christmas Eve service and then drove around looking at lights since Addie was so excited about every set of lights she saw.

Once we got home, all of us put on our Christmas pajamas, watched Christmas shows, and a home video of our engagement, Brian's first Christmas with my family, and our honeymoon. Addie kept asking where she was in the videos.

After Addie was asleep, Brian and I set up Addie's main gift in front of the tree for her to find in the morning.  We had such a good time putting all of the little pieces together.  It even had a coffee pot!

When we heard Addie moving around, we went into her room.  We couldn't wait for her to wake up.  Being the parent on Christmas morning is definitely being on the better side of Christmas!  We read her the account of Baby Jesus in her room so we could put Jesus first.  Once she saw her gifts we knew it would be hard to redirect her attention.

When we led Addie into the living room, she asked, "What's that?" We told her that the kitchen was hers.  Her response was, "It's for me, Addie?!"  Her next sentence was, "I make coffee!"  That's my girl! She then played with it for the next 30 minutes. 

Brian and I exchanged our gift while Addie continued playing, and then we had Addie open her gifts.  I am so thankful for a little girl who is so grateful for everything she receives. Each gift was treated like it was the only one she got.

Grandpa came over around 9:00 for breakfast and to do a gift exchange with us.  Addie now has her own Wii games since Dad gave her the new Elmo and Cookie Monster games.  They come with covers for the Wii remotes in the characters of the games.

 Brian helped Addie learn how to play the games. 

 After Dad left, we then started to get everything ready to have Brian's parents and Dad and his friend over for dinner.

While I was finishing up in the kitchen, Addie was in the living room serving up cheese, chicken, and coffee from her little kitchen.

Brian helped out by taking pictures for me for the December Daily album (he was also a huge help when it came to cleaning up).  He even came into the kitchen and got a picture of the two of us.  Those are always fun since you don't know what they are going to look like until after the fact.

Just a few fun snapshots:

I hope your Christmas weekend was wonderful and full of memories.


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