Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The New Year: A New Word to Live By

As we begin to look towards a new year, I have begun thinking about what my new word to live by is going to be.  The word "MEMORIES" keeps coming back to me as the word I want to focus on this year.

Memories.  Making them.  Keeping them.  Documenting them.  Enjoying them.

The reason I chose this word was the Face Book post of a friend at the end of the summer.  Her post said, "Last day of August. What a summer it was.  MEMORIES.  I'll miss you summer of 2010." 

That really made me think.  I have wonderful memories throughout my life, but I want a year to look back on and say, "Thanks for the memories."

Memories don't always just happen (although sometimes they do).  They take planning, preparation, and forethought.

So how do I plan on going about this year of Memories?

I plan on scheduling at least one planned activity each week for our family to enjoy together. 

I plan on recording these memories as soon as possible either on a scrapbook layout or on the blog.

I plan on recording past memories using the triggers of old photos to help document memories from other times.

I plan on doing Project 365 (will elaborate more on this tomorrow) so that I can enjoy more of these memories without feeling that I have to photograph every moment or scrapbook every picture.

I plan on giving you ideas of ways to make, record, document, and enjoy a year of wonderful memories with your family.  Let's make 2011 a year of MEMORIES.


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