Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December Daily Album- Days 1-10

First off, I thought I would show you what I meant in this post by mounting two 2.5x 3.5 photos on a 4x6 print. 
In Photoshop Elements, I opened a 4x6 inch canvas.  I then dragged my two photos, that had been resized to 2.5 x 3.5 inches, onto the 4x6 background.  Now I can upload my 4 x 6 photo to my local photo processing center and have it printed out. Then I can cut out my photos and adhere them where I want them.

I have scanned the pages so you can get a better view of them.  I also want to show you the "before" photo of the page (before I decorated it) and then the after with the journaling.

Day One:

As you can see below, I completely changed where I was going with this page.  I removed the photos of Addie and replaced them with photos taken on December 1st.  I covered the back of the tree with green, lined paper and journaled right on top of it.  The photos came out a bit darker than they looked on the computer, but I'm okay with that.  This type of album is meant to just go through daily and not worry if things don't turn out just right.

Journaling: Today was "one of those days". The car battery died as I was heading out to have Addie's pictures taken, she was not cooperative at the studio, our property adjuster called with some down news.  But then Titi Elsie came for a visit and everything changed. We had a wonderful visit, drank coffee, ate eclairs, talked, played with Addie, and laughed a lot.  When Brian got home, the exhaustion of the day hit me.  Can't wait for tomorrow.

Day Two:

Journaling: I am finding myself addicted to Addie's M&M's- you know, the ones we reward her with for going on the potty.  I really have to stop eating them! But other than sticking my hand in the candy jar, we have also spent quite a bit if time playing in the play room (I moved all of the toys out of her room into Faye's old room).  She has this game that she made up and named "Clunk!" Where she got the name, I don't know. She takes the "baby ball" (a small, squishy soccer ball), throws it, and yells "Clunk!" when it hits the ground.  It is a pretty cute game... until you get hit with the ball, which my little person can throw pretty hard.

I have also spent the morning finishing up my preparations for Titi Ruthie and Uncle Jack's visit.  Meals are planned, activities are planned and set, bedding has all been washed, and my last minute grocery list has been made.  I have spent this week doubling and tripling my recipes so that I have the main parts of our meals for next week complete, and I only have to do a little here and there.

When Brian came home from work, he and I had a bit of a Wii challenge in golf.  Addie cheered us both on, but in the end, I was the winner!  But I'm not rubbing it in :)  

Day Three:

Journaling: Mommy: What happened to your nose?
Addie: Boo-boo.
Mommy: How did that happen?
Addie: The nose fell on the floor!

Addie: Mommy, look! Dinosaur!
Mommy: Addie, that is my shadow! (not sure if I should feel old or offended)

Addie: Lala touch the Christmas tree. Lala no obey.
Mommy: Lala can touch the tree. It is okay.
Addie: Lala touch the tree. Addie, no touch!

Addie: What's this?
Mommy: The Nativity scene.
Addie: No, it's Baby Jesus!

Day Four:

Journaling: GrandTiti and Uncle Jack came to stay with us for a week.  We decided to kick off their stay with a trip to Zephyrhills' Christmas Festival.  Addie rode a pony for the first time and absolutely loved it, Brian and I got to "dance" with each other for a moment, Addie got to see snow for the first time (soap that was being blown down on us), and we saw as elephant and the owner who claimed to be the cheapest elephant man in the country since his rides were only $5 a person.  Afterward, we went to Denny's for a snack.

Day 5:

Just a little note about this page- Addie got into the spirit of taking pictures, too.  The top two photos on the right side of the page are courtesy of my little photographer. I wanted to include them just because.  The tickets on the lower left hand side were from an outing Brian and his dad went on.  I stuck them onto a 4x6 piece of card stock and slipped it right into the photo sleeve.

Journaling:  Devotions with Daddy, spending time with Uncle Jack and GrandTiti, taking a nap even though you were happy (she associates being happy with not needing to go to sleep), waiting for Daddy to come home from the Bucs game, and visiting with Grandpa.  Your day.

Day 6:

Today's journaling was a personal letter that I wrote to Addie based on God's provision for our family and the lessons He sometimes has to hit me upside the head with when I forget. Because it was so long, I didn't type it out.  If you want to read it, click on the photo itself and should open up a little bigger for easier reading. 

I printed the letter onto vellum and slipped it right into the pocket in front of the patterned paper.  I also made my photo as a 4x8, punch holes in it and put it right into the binder.

Day 7:

No journaling today.  Just little notes on the photos of what we did.  I think Addie has had it with my constant picture taking... what do you think?

Day 8:

I put the journaling for this day directly on the photo.  However, it was rather hard to see.  So I decreased the opacity of the photo to make it lighter so the words would pop a little more.  The digital embellishment I added also looks dimensional because of the lighter photo.  The 8 is a sticker.

Journaling: It was a good day. It was a busy day.  It was a day spent with family.  It was a day of being lunch guests and serving dinner.  In the afternoon we had lunch with Titi Elsie (Lala).  It was a wonderful time of talking, sharing, encouraging, playing, taking pictures, and looking for cardinals and pine cones.  Later in the evening, Dad (Grandpa) came over for dinner, and we again had a wonderful time of laughter and sharing and reminiscing.  I am so thankful for days like this where the stress of being a hostess disappears because you are with family.  They don't care if your  air is perfect, if your words come out the right way, if you say the right thing, or if you are stylish enough.  You are loved for being you.

Day 9:

Journaling: Titi Ruthie has wanted to get Addie a Happy Meal for a really long time, so on Thursday we went to McDonald's (otherwise known as "Fries" to my little person).  She got her Happy Meal and fries and a little watch as her toy.  Because of all of the coupons the Titi Ruthie had with her, our meal only cost a little over $13!  Then we hit the ground running as we went about running errands.  Later in the evening, Brian and I went on a much needed date night.  We knew that Addie was in good hands so we stayed out until 9:30 (woohoo!).  Of course, Addie was still awake when we got home(although she was in bed).  It was a good day... but aren't they all in their own way?

Day 10:

Journaling: After a week of running around and being out of the house by 10:00 a.m., it was a nice change of pace to stay to stay home today.  In the evening, we had Titi Elsie and Uncle Johnny over for dinner.  Addie broke out in hives, so now comes the job of finding her allergy.

I hope you enjoyed this peek into my December daily album.  I have enjoyed every step in the process of putting it together.


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