Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Our Journey to the Perfect Christmas Card... and Other Photo Adventures

I have always been a big fan of Christmas photo cards.  I love seeing how people and families change from year to year.  However, finding that shot that will forever capture your family in that moment in time is not always easy.  It takes a lot of patience and a lot of photos to find the right one... or two... or three.

For example, for our Christmas card this year, we tried on two separate days to get our pictures taken.  The first time, things did not turn out so well.  The camera setting turned without warning, so the shots didn't look right, Addie wanted to play with her cousins instead of having to get her picture taken.  So we gave it another shot.

On a Sunday morning, after we were all ready for church, Brian and I took pictures of each other holding Addie, and then we set the timer on the camera for a group shot of us.  Below is a collage of our journey to taking the right photos for our card.  There is one where Addie looks like she is attacking me..... actually she just got her hand caught in my hair while trying to hug me as she is kissing my cheek.

Here was the final product.

And then sometimes the first picture is the best one you're going to get, as in the example below.  Here was the group photo from our family Christmas at Brian's parent's home on Sunday.

Yes, that is my child that everyone is watching as she tries to escape....

May you have many photo adventures this Christmas!


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