Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas: Good Will to Men

One of the most popular phrases this time of year is, "Peace on Earth, good will towards men."  We all know that the basis for this phrase is found in the angels' announcement to the shepherds on that first Christmas night.  However, just like movies that are based on a true story, the enitre story is not given.

Before moving on, let's look at the verse right from the word.  "Glory to God in the Highest, and on earth peace among men with whom He is [well] pleased." Luke 2:14 NAS.

There is a key phrase that we tend to miss.  "With whom He is [well] pleased."  We live in a world right now where many live to please themselves.  No longer is living a life pleasing to the Lord a priority for many.  In our country there was a time when we were considered a Christian country.  Our country was founded upon Christian principples and Biblical values. However, many have chosen to live in ways that are in direct opposition to what the Word of God says.  And then we wonder why God is not pouring His blessings upon our nation like He once did.

As we go through this Christmas season, let us remember to make an effort to please God in our actions, thoughts, behavior, and words.  This holiday is about Him and the Gift of His Son Jesus Christ. 


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