Monday, January 24, 2011

Journey to the Kitchen

 The journey to the kitchen for the food we purchase is a well planned, well thought out event.  I do not always shop at one store. Many times, I will shop at three or more.  And the event begins on Sunday afternoon.

After picking up the paper (we are actually ordering a Sunday subscription to the paper this week) and putting Addie down for a nap, I click over to coupon mom punch in my stores of preference and click on the deals I want to take advantage of. 

After going through all of the stores, I print out a list from each store which includes which coupons I am going to need.  I sit with all of the coupon flyers that I have, look for what I need, cut them out, paper clip them to the list they apply to, and put them in the order that I plan on visiting each store. 

Now I am ready for shopping day.

Shopping day is not always the same.  On this particular week, it happened to be a Monday.  I love my receipts from shopping this way.  I have learned over the last few years not to purchase things just because I have a coupon or because the deal is too good to pass up. Otherwise, I spend too much on things I don't even need.

Meals are planned around my groceries and sales to stretch my saving even more.  I also try to plan my cooking, when possible, to make dinner prep easier on other days. 

For example, for dinner, yesterday, I cooked 4 cups of rice and baked an enitre package (about 4 pounds) of chicken drumstricks.  Tomorrow's meal will be an oriental stir fry dish served over rice.  The rice is already cooked and ready, it just needs to be warmed up.  Later this week, we are having a cheesy chicken casserole which uses precooked chicken.  After dinner tonight, I pulled apart the remaining chicken and put it in a plastic container for our dinner on that night. 

It didn't take me any more time to cook the extra food tonight than it would have if I had just cooked the amount we would have eaten, but it would have taken more time for me to cook the rice and chicken on the days that I needed it. 

Hooray for coupons!  Hooray for food shopping!  Hooray for cooking! Hooray for planning! I hope you have a Hooray! kind of day!


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