Friday, February 11, 2011

Memories | Project Life Update

I have been loving the Project Life Kit!  I do not feel like I am falling behind in my scrapping, all of the most important moments/memories are being documented, and everything is neatly kept in one place.  Now those people who look through my scrapbooks and criticize because things aren't in chronological order (not that it should matter to them) can be happy that everything is in order.

Below are just two weeks worth of my album.  I am having some trouble working with the photo uploader right now (anyone else having trouble with that?), so instead of showing you the last 5 weeks, here are just two weeks to give you an idea of what the final product looks like.

The little cards are where I write the journaling for the day, which goes along with the picture for the day.  On the little card has an arrow and a day sticker to help connect the card with the picture it goes to.  

Sometimes, the little cards don't hold enough or there are other stories happening on the same day as something else.  For those, I have been printing out 5x7 photos and either putting my thoughts right on the photo or using one of the long journalers from Ali Edwards and then slipping it into a page protector and cutting it down to size (as in the picture below).

The layout below is one of my favorites for many reasons.  First, do you see the Good and Plenty piece of packaging?  The Saturday of this week, we went on a movie date.  When we dropped Addie off at my in-laws home, Mom handed me a candy box for us to enjoy during the movie.  That box of candy meant a lot to me since it showed her love for us and her help in making our time nice.  I knew I had to include some of the packaging in the album.

I also love this layout because I was able to include some of Addie's school work. I don't know about you, but I love saving some Addie's best work.  But where do we keep it?  Now I have a place. I limit myself to two pages a week and it doesn't have to be every week. I put them back to back in my 8.5x11 page protector and call it good. 

I also love this week because of the top two pictures in the picture below.  The first one was a satellite picture I was able to copy from the internet.  We had had a horrible storm on that Tuesday which we were not affected by directly but some of our family was.  Because I went online for the satellite image a couple of days later the photo does not show the system right on us, but that bright orange area is the system that hit us. 

I also love this page because it holds the photo of the pregnancy tests (yes, I took 3!) and tells a little of the story behind them (why I took 3). The first 2 tests that I took, I didn't see a second line (the pregnancy indicator) so I tossed the test.  When I took the test for Addie, the lines showed up immediately so I was expecting the sme thing this time around.  I took one more test without my contacts in (first thing in the morning), so I couldn't see the lines at all.  Brian came over, looked at the test, and said, "There are two lines.  Does that mean we're pregnant?"  I looked, and sure enough there were two lines!  I went through the bathroom trash can to retrieve my other two tests (gross, I know), and sure enough, they both had two lines! I hadn't been patient enough to wait the 3 minutes to see what the final result was (not my finest moment).

Once I figure out what the problem is with the photo uploader, I'll post my other pages for you to see.  I really am enjoying this album and how it captures the everyday moments that make us the family that we are.


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