Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thankful Thought

The above mask and overlay are free downloads from Ali Edwards.

Today I am thankful for the unit of us.

Together we go out to eat.

Together we pray for our food.  Addie has been asking to pray.  Friday night it went like this... "Dear God, Blessing on the food, and the milk, and the coloring (her menu and crayons), and the napkins, and the water (our drinks), and the people (as she looked for something else to add to her prayer), and the people again, and the people again. A-MEN! (and she throws her arms open wide).

Together we went garden shopping and picked out plants for our front landscaping.  Brian has a good eye for plants.

Together we uprooted and replaced plants in our front yard on Saturday morning. 

Together we pulled weeds and laid mulch down.

Together we laid on the living couches exhausted and achy in places we didn't know could ache.

Together is such a wonderful place to be.


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