Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Life Lessons From Biblical Characters

As we have seen in the lives of Abram and Sarai, God had promised them descendents.  But with each passing day, what they were promised and what they saw just did not ever seem to match up.  However, there always comes a point when God allows us to have that feeling of anticipation that although you cannot see what is going on behind the scenes, you know- you feel it in the very core of your being- that God is working and moving on your behalf.

In Genesis chapter 17, God takes Abram on another one of their walks and reminds him of the covenant and promise.  God had not forgotten the promise or the covenant, but He knew that the blessing of a child would be recognized as being a gift from Him if it happened at a time that physically and medically it would seem impossible.

During this talk God changes Abram's name to Abraham meaning "father of many nations" and Sarai's name was changed to Sarah.  Do you think that the name changes filled Abraham and Sarai with the hope of expectation, with a feeling of anticipation that something was going to happen soon?

I remember getting that feeling myself.  I was the oldest single person in the college and career group at our church.  I would look around and not see anyone that might be the one God had for me (obviously I was overlooking Brian).  I even wrote in my Bible the following next to Romans 4 where it recaps the account of Abraham having faith that God would hold to His promise of blessing Abraham and Sarah with a son.

2/18/01  I may be 25, the only single person my age in my church.  There are no eligible bachelors, but I have faith that I will not be barren (single) forever.  God promised Mom that she would see her children's children. I am not concerned that it seems hopeless.  I have faith that God will keep His Word.  If God could give Abraham and Sarah a son in their old age, He can give me a husband even though the circumstances seem impossible.

We had a wonderful music pastor and his wife come to serve at our church.  I didn't know why, but when they came, I began to get that feeling of anticipation that God was working and moving and my man would be coming soon.  The music pastor was also given the duty of leading the college and career ministry.  His wife became a friend of mine and after church on Sundays she and another sweet friend would get together and just talk while their husbands played basketball with the other young men at church. 

What I did not know was that God was using Pastor Dave to minister to Brian, and Brian was growing spiritually under Dave's ministry.  Brian would be at the after Sunday night service basketball games hanging out with Dave (while I was hanging out with Dave's wife) and was growing through the influence of  Dave.  Dave and his wife moved on to be the senior pastor of a church in Sarasota, but Brian had grown enough that he could now continue growing on his own.  We were so grateful when Dave came back to sing at our wedding for us.

As I was typing out my original comments from the margin of my Bible, I noticed another comment I had written.  It goes as follows:

On July 10, 2004 I married Brian L______.  I am no longer "barren". Now I just have to wait for God's promise to Mom about her grandchildren.

As you know from being such faithful readers, Mom knew she was having a granddaughter and that her name was Addie.  She bought Addie quite a bit of her infant wardrobe and even got to see the recorded ultrasound where Addie's face was very visible and she even yawned the cutest yawn.  Mom went around telling everyone who saw the video, "Isn't she the most beautiful baby!"

Lord willing, Mom will see her children's children.  Brian and I are doing our job by faithfully teaching Addie about Jesus and how much He loves her and how He wants to live in her heart.  Back in December, she took me quite by surprise.  I told her that Jesus was knocking at the door of her heart and saying, "Can I come in?"  She looked at me, smiled, and said, "Sure!"

God is so good to always have promises for us to look forward to.  As each promise is fulfilled, there is always another waiting to be answered.  And He is faithful.


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