Monday, May 30, 2011

Another Addie Moment... and Happy Memorial Day

It is no big surprise to anyone... our girl has a big personality!

Last week I made a jug of Kool-Aid (seriously, didn't we all grow up on it?). Brian had suggested that I make a really fun color for Addie.  He thought she would really enjoy it.  Little Miss Personality had other ideas.  Anytime we offered her the "blue juice", she would say no thank you.  She had decided that she didn't like it... without tasting it, mind you.

On Wednesday night, Brian put some in her cup right before dinner and set her cup in front of her plate.  After we were all seated at the table, he asked her to pray for dinner.

"Dear God.  I don't like blue juice. I like apple juice. Amen."

The serious parents that we are........ we died laughing!  And we did not make her drink the "blue juice" and we did not offer it to her again.

Now I just have to figure out what to do with the other packet of blue juice powder that we still have.

I hope your Memorial Day is wonderful! We are on our way home from our yearly trip to Ft. Lauderdale today so there will not be a post tomorrow (Tuesday). Lord willing, I'll be back up and running on Wednesday.  See you then!


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