Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Our Memorial Day Weekend


Just thinking back on such a great weekend.... good memories... great food..... time spent with family..... watching Addie connect with my mother's side of the family....

On Friday after Brian arrived home from work, we began the preparations for heading south- washing our vehicle, mowing the lawn, making sure all of our laundry was done, laying out all of the clothes, and planning the fastest way to get out of the house in the morning. (Isn't she cute helping Daddy wash the car?)

Saturday morning we were out of the house by 8:15 and on our way.  We were making great time until we came upon a horrific accident.  The interstate became a virtual parking lot as we watched a medivac fly in and whick the injured away.  When we reached the scene (an hour later but only a mile away from us), we saw a vehicle overturned and crushed.  All we could do was pray that the passengers survived.

About 2:15 we arrived to love and hugs and kisses from GrandTiti, Uncle Jack and Cousin Belinda.  Addie and Ian opened gifts (I opened Ian's gifts) and Addie's eyes practically popped out of her head when she saw the three story dollhouse that Uncle Jack and GrandTiti bought her. They also gave us Addie's new bedspread set complete with a big girl pillow, sham, bed sheets, dust ruffle, and curtains.

We celebrated Belinda's birthday and ate more food than I needed too. After a nice walk looking for ducks a chasing them, too (a yearly tradition), it was time to call it a night.... after Addie got her toe nails painted by Cousin Belinda.

On Sunday night we asked Addie, "What was your favorite part of today?  Was it.......

Making blueberry pancakes with GrandTiti?

Riding the Merry-Go-Round?

Going down the slide on the playground?

Eating ice cream?

Spending time with Uncle Sammy (my mom's brother) and Grandma (my mom's mother)?

Being in the pool?

Playing with the dolly house?

Eating pizza?

Her answer was "yes" to it all.

Monday morning after our favorite GrandTiti breakfast of bagels with cream cheese and apricot jelly, Addie began asking for Grandma Che-che.  Brian, Addie and Uncle Jack went to the pool again while GrandTiti and I went to pick Grandma up.  We spent some more time at the pool until it was time for lunch and to pack up the car. 

Addie is now old enough to feel the emotions of leaving loved ones behind after a long trip.  She stuck her little lip out and whimpered that she didn't want to leave GrandTiti, Uncle Jack, and Belinda.  She was a sad little person for at least the first three hours of our trip back home (when she wasn't napping).

I love our visits with family.  The conversations that happen.  The way you can speak without being corrected, criticized, or ridiculed.  The way Addie can be a three year old without being questioned on why she is doing or saying something.  The way we can be totally free with each other without having to keep our gaurd up to protect ourselves.

Thank you, GrandTiti, Uncle Jack, and Belinda for you generosity and love.  We love you, too.


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