Wednesday, May 25, 2011


.....our SON!!!!!! Ian Gabriel.  Isn't he just the most handsome little guy!

We would have been happy with whatever God chose to bless us with.  In my mind, if we had a boy, it would be a whole new adventure.  If we had a girl, I was already prepared with all of the clothes and things we had saved from Addie.  Brian was hoping in his heart of hearts that it was a boy, but he said he would have been very happy with a girl, too.  Addie had already decided that she wanted a brother, and told me so early on.  I told her she would need to ask God for a brother... and she did.  "God," she said, "I want a baby brother."

For those of you who have followed us for a while, you know that our original choice for a boy's name was Christopher, but when our nephew was named Christopher, we had to come up with a new name. 

On a recent trip to Busch Garden, Brian and I brainstormed about what our boy's name would be.  We had a list of about 20-25 names that we really liked.  But we wanted our name to have a meaning behind it.  When we got home that evening, Brian and I went to a baby name search engine and looked up name meanings. 

We fell in love with the name Ian which means "God is forgiving" (it is also the last three letters of Brian's name). Then we had  to come up with a middle name.  We liked Daniel, Zachary, and Gabriel.  But Daniel means "God is my judge", and Zachary means "My God remembers".  When paired with the meaning of Ian, it could really be a heavy name for a child to wear.  Gabriel means "God is my might", and we decided that it was perfect for our little man.

Addie fell in love with Ian from the moment she laid eyes on the monitor. She has since been saying that she doesn't call him Baby anymore, he is Ian. She spoke to his pictures the entire way to and from the restaurant we went to afterwards.  And we were so happy that Grandma could join us for the "big reveal".  Brian's reaction to finding out we were having a boy was priceless!  His look of surprise and thrill was matched only by the cheer he let out as his arms went up.

We waited five months to find out what we were having (no more Squishy!), now we have a little less than five months to meet him.... I can't wait!


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