Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Life Lessons From Biblical Characters | Lot and Abraham

Genesis 19: 27-29

This is the last week that we will be looking at this chapter.  Lot's story does not end here, but, seriously, I am not comfortable going into the rest of the story in this type of forum. 

Today's passage really showed me that God hears our prayers on the behalf of others, allows us to see what is happening in their lives from a safe distance, but reminds us of His protection over them.

The situation in Lot's life was the result of his own choosing.  He chose to move to the valley of Sodom and then into the city itself.  He chose to become a part of a sinful society instead of being a light in it.  Because of his choices, he quite possibly lost some of his children in the destruction and he lost his wife.  I'm sure as he was running to safety, the "If only I had....." thoughts were running just as fast through his mind as he was.

Abraham got up early and stood in his usual "meet with the Lord" place.  And it was then that he saw the smoke rising from Sodom and Gomorrah.  But because God remembered Abraham, He spared Lot's life. 

The passage does not say that Abraham gathered his family around to watch the devistation happening.  It does not say that he rehashed the incident and began discussing the ways that Lot could have avoided getting caught up in this mess. It does not say that he used this situation to brag on how righteous he was and how sinful Lot was.  It does not say that he recounted with his shepherds how Lot's men had argued with them over grazing lands for the sheep and how Lot had chosen the better land for himself. 

It does say that Abraham got up early in the morning to the place where he stood before the Lord.

It is in that place that we all stand equal.  It is in that place that we are all sinners in need of saving grace.  It is in that place that when we begin to puff up with pride over how good we are, we remember that God has had to protect us from our own mistakes and poor choices (remember Abraham's lie in Egypt or his lack of trust that God would provide an heir and his decision to go along with Sarah's idea of getting Hagar involved?).  It is in that place that we can only look to the Lord in prayer and ask for his continued mercy and grace for ourselves and our loved ones.

If Lot had chosen to go back to Abraham rather than to Zoar, I can almost imagine that Abraham would have welcomed him with hugs and tears rather than judgement and righteous piety.  He would not have held Lot's mistakes over his head. Lot would not have had to worry about walking past a tent and overhearing Abraham discussing his situation with anyone else.

I think Abraham's attitude had to do with the fact that he would get up early and meet with the Lord.  How different would we be, how different would our attitutde towards others be, if we met with the Lord daily?


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