Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Little Kickboxer

One thing that I love about pregnancy is the feeling of my little person moving around, kicking, rolling over, shifting, and hiccuping.  Everytime I feel him move, I immediately put my hand on my belly.  I want to feel each little movement, and remember it. 

I try to get Addie and Brian to feel Ian moving around as often as possible because, as I told Brian on Saturday, this is one part of the pregnancy that I cannot put in the scrapbook, and we only get this opportunity to enjoy it.  

Brian is good about taking the opportunity to feel Ian moving, even though he thinks it feels wierd.  Granted, watching your belly twist and take funny shapes is a bit awkward, but it is pretty exciting, too.

Our little guy already has preferences.  When I lay on my right side, I am awakened by my little protestor. So Mommy obliges and rolls over to the left.  He really likes it when I eat- my, does he do flips then! I have even noticed that he seems happy and moves around when he hears Addie's voice- I'm really happy about that! Addie used to do that when she heard my mother's voice.

Addie likes to feel him move around.  She comes to my belly, puts both hands on it, shakes it, and says, "Come on, Ian. Wake up.  Kick mommy."    

Yes, Ian.  Kick Mommy as much as you want right now, because all too soon this time will be over.  Not soon enough, though. I really can't wait for you to be here.


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