Friday, July 29, 2011

I Want To.....

.... hold this little baby in my arms.
.... dress him like the little sports fan he is bound to be.
.... remember the way I laughed the other night when Ian tickled me while he was moving, shifting, and stretching.
.... forget about last night's dinner (a new recipe which did not turn out at all and was rather disappointing)
.... fit back into my old clothes by 6 months after this pregnancy is over.
.... snap my fingers and have all of the things on my list to do done and completed.
.... sleep on my back and stomach again (two no-no's during pregnancy)
.... roll from one side to the other without having to throw my belly in direction I want to go.
.... remember how excited Addie gets about having school time.
.... sit back and listen to Addie read to me (she is really coming along in that department)
.... help Brian set up his fantasy football league's draft again this year.
.... go to the night practice of the Bucs with Brian and watch him light up as he sees the players up close that he watches on TV.
.... try for a fall garden (dreaming again......)
.... get one night of restful, uninterrupted, deep sleep before Ian's arrival.


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