Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Look at the List....

Do you remember my ambitious list that was posted here? Well, with God's help and the help of Brian and several family members, some of my list has been crossed off and we are moving along quite nicely.

So, let's see what has been done....
  • Repaint Playroom- my Uncle Johnny came over and painted Addie's new room (our old playroom) in the perfect shade of light purple.  He is a painter by trade and has a true gift in mixing paint and painting beautifully.  Sigh...... When he finished painting her new room, Addie stood just outside the door and said, "Oh, Uncle Johnny!  I just love it!  I just really love it!"
  • Sand and Paint Addie's Bed- Brian sanded the bed down and then we began painting it white.  After one coat of white paint, we knew we were in trouble.  We wondered if we had just ruined our daughter's big girl bed.  Enter Uncle Johnny!  He took one look at the bed, asked us why we hadn't asked him to paint it (we didn't want him to ever feel like we were taking advantage of him.... we love him too much!), and promptly told Brian to put it in his paint truck so he could take it home to work on it.  On Saturday, he and Titi Elsie came over to bring us the bed and they treated us to Cracker Barrel (he is too much!).  All we could say was WOW!!!! The bed looked like it had always been white, was supposed to be white, and was built from white wood!  It is perfect!  Of course, Addie loved it and is dying to sleep in her big girl bed.... mattress sale coming on Labor Day!
  • Set Up Addie's New Room- I am a planner (surprise, surprise) so for me setting up a room and deciding instantly that this is how it is going to stay is not me.  I have to live with the furniture, set up, and decor before I make any final decisions on how a room will permanently stay.   Her room is set with what I plan on having stay there (the closet needs work weeding through.... cousin Lisa is coming over this week for that), but we have already moved the furniture around once... and there is a chance that it might move again before I hang anything on the walls.
  • Bring All Newborn/Infant Gear and Related Items Out of the Attic- Last night, Brian went into the attic and brought down everything we had for Addie so that I can wash the fabric covered items,wipe down all of the plastic, and set it up where it will be the most practical for me. The more I can have ready early, the less stress I'll have later.
  • Clean/Wash All Infant Gear and Items- Lord willing, will happen this week.
  • Repaint Office (Ian's New Room)- Once again, Uncle Johnny came to the rescue. He mixed the most beautiful baby blue paint for us and our old office (which was dark, drab, and I hated!) is now vibrant, bright, happy, and I love it!
  • Repaint Addie's Old Room- Uncle Johnny painted the room Behr's Granite Stone.  The color is absolutely perfect for a man's office, our furniture now stands out beautifully against the wall, and the green sofa bed looks great against it. 
  • Set Up the New Office- On Wednesday, Brian's friend came over and helped him move the furniture from the old office into the new office. Now I am just waiting to decide where I am going to hang his sports pictures.  
  • Cook At Least 12 Meals and Freeze Them for After Ian Arrives- This week begins my bulk cooking.  On the menu is pasta with sauce and rice and beans (on different days).  I will be tripling my pasta recipe and freezing the sauce in containers for dinner servings.  My beans recipe already makes lots of left overs, but I plan on doubling the recipe this week and then freezing it in dinner servings.  Plenty of beans for us after the baby comes. 
The huge things are getting done.  The little things are starting to get done.  It's coming together. 


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