Monday, August 15, 2011

VBS Week... Can't Take the Cuteness!

We now have another successful VBS experience under our belts.

During the closing ceremony, Addie saw me with my camera and went above and beyond with doing the dances to the VBS songs.  And she kept checking to making sure that I was watching her.

One highlight for me for the evening was seeing one of the pastor's sons who was once my 4th grade student and is now a sophomore in college.  He sat next to Addie for a while and I over heard him say, "Your Mommy was my teacher." Addie just smiled.  Later in the car I told her that when he had been a little boy, I had school time with him and that we had lessons and did school papers.  She laughed and said, "That's so silly!" I guess in her mind, Mommy has just always been Mommy and it is silly to think that Mommy was ever anything but Mommy.... but I used to think that of my mom at one time, too.

Here is a video of Addie dancing to the VBS songs.  I hope you get a kick out of it!
Click here to view this video


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