Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Joys....

I have so much to be thankful for.  God has blessed me in ways that have astounded me time and time again.  And he has given me three main joys.  Two are pictured above.  One is still "baking" in my oven.  And day after day, I am learning and seeing that these three joys are also my greatest blessings. 

I love the way Brian and Addie interact with each other.  I love how fatherhood comes so naturally to Brian. I love how he takes notice of when I need a rest and whisks her off on a little adventure so I can put my feet up for a few minutes.

I love how Addie loves dogs.... even though they make her break out in hives.  I love how Addie pretends to be a dog sometimes.... a phase I'm sure.  I' love how she gets blue icee juice all over herself and acts as natural as anything.  I love how she doesn't care about her appearance and she is still confident that she is beautiful! I love how she talks "baby talk" to dogs, puppies, and Ian. 

I love knowing that God has given us to each other.  And I cannot wait until our pictures include one more piece of our puzzle which makes us who we are.


I want to shout out a huge "THANK YOU" to Uncle Johnny for painting Addie's room, Ian's room, the office, and Addie's bed for us.  The rooms are amazing! Brian and I have found ourselves just standing in them and admiring how beautiful they look.  Slowly, piece by piece they are coming together.  Brian and I have decided that the rooms will get done, put together, decorated, finished in their own time- we are not going to rush the process. But we are so thankful for Uncle Johnny and Lala (Titi Elsie) who have always been so generous with their time and love towards us. We are forever appreciative and grateful for you.... and Addie cannot wait to stay with you all when my due date arrives. 


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