Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Aspects of the Schedule | Breakfast and Dinner

Edit: I am adding to this post at 1:26 a.m. on Wednesday.  Last night, I had a doctor's appointment, and during the exam my doctor asked me if I was feeling the contraction I was having.  I told him I felt something, but I had experienced that all day, and because it did not have the same severity of pain that it did with Addie I didn't realize I was having contractions.  Well, the contractions have continued rather consistently all evening.  We called it an early night, but I am up now (I told Brian to continue sleeping- one of us needs to be fully rested).  The contractions are less uncomfortable when I am up than when I am laying down.  I cannot guarantee a post for tomorrow since Ian may make his arrival 2 days before we were scheduled to have him- babies come on their own timetable despite the best laid plans.  I am totally prepared, and am so glad I took the time to complete all of the prep work ahead of time.  As I added this edit, I have have three sets of contractions.  So I may have to take the rest of the week off (I'm sure you understand :), but I will have photos up for you on Monday, Lord willing.  Please, keep us in prayer as our family grows by "two feet". 

We are not covering both of these meals right now, actually.  However, for me, it makes sense to take care of some dinner prep while I'm in the kitchen for breakfast.

As you remember, from this post, I plan out our meals by the week.  Because of that (and my handy little meal calendar from my aunt Ruth), I know what dinner is going to be early on.  As I am getting breakfast ready for Addie and myself in the morning, I pull out whatever meats need to be thawed out, set out the dry ingredients, and group together the refrigerated items so that later in the day dinner prep is a breeze.  Because I am already in the kitchen, I am not taking time away from Addie, and, later in the day, I'm not wasting any time looking for things and discovering that I am missing something key to the recipe.

Breakfast around here is pretty laid back and easy.  I may have a bowl of cereal, a bagel, a toasted cheese sandwich, or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a fruit. 

Addie is not much of an eater, so French toast or eggs (cooked in the microwave- thanks Mom L for this priceless tip!) is usually her choice.  Neither is an issue for me to give her because typically on Saturdays, when I make French toast for Brian (his favorite weekend breakfast), I make twice as much as we are going to eat and freeze the rest (after they have had time to cool down).  When Addie asks for French Toast, I just pull out one from my container and pop it in the toaster oven.  Instant breakfast! 

If she wants eggs (Mom L's tip passed on to me), I take a little ramekin, spray it with cooking spray, crack and egg inside, add a little salt and pepper, and scramble.  Then I pop the ramekin into the microwave, and set it for 20 seconds.  I check it, give it a little stir, and pop it back in for 20 more seconds. I usually check it one more time and give it an extra 10 seconds for good measure and........ wahlah! cooked eggs without the mess of a pan, spatula, or butter splatter in the kitchen. 

Another breakfast that Addie likes is a quarter to half of a plain bagel cut into pieces with a spoonful of peanut butter o the side for her to dip into.

After breakfast, we each take our dishes and put them into the sink.  She is learning early on that she is responsible for her dishes so that later on, kitchen chores do not come as a shock to her.  They have already been a past of her routine in our home.

Breakfast for me usually lasts 15 minutes and for her about 30.  I have always been more of an eat-to-live type of person rather than a live-to-eat girl.  I am seeing that Addie is the same way.  She would rather be busy doing her "things" than take the time to sit and eat.  Sigh...... so much like her mother.......  


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