Thursday, September 8, 2011

Book Review | The Final Note

I was given the privilege to read The Final Note in its Advanced Uncorrected Proof stage.  What a powerful story!  What a heartbreaking story!  What a story to encourage the reevaluation of priorities and what we view as important.

The Final Note by author Kevin Alan Milne is the sweet, fictitious story of a husband who learns the value of love, marriage, and his wife after it is too late. Throughout this book we are introduced to the characters who fall in love in Europe, nurture that love in states, marry, and experience the joys and growing opportunities of marriage.  Choices are made for what is believed to be for the good of the family and yet these choices cause the family and the individual relationships in the family to suffer.  By the end of the book, you want to help the character go back in time to where the first mistakes/choices were made to give this family a second chance at forever after. (Note: the choices have nothing to do with affairs or personal misconduct)

So many times we get so wrapped up in the responsibilities we have and the job that we do and forget to make time for the ones that truly matter until it is too late.  This story is a great reminder to take the time now while we have it to spend time fulfilling our promises to those we love rather than putting off our commitments and promises.

Here is a full description of the book itself.

If you want to read an excerpt from this book click here.


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