Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ian's Birthdate

On Tuesday morning, I began getting a tightening in my stomach muscles.  It felt almost like a light muscle spasm, but because it was not accompanied by any pain, I thought nothing of it.  I went about my day with a business as usual aproach, school time with Addie, straightening up, and preparing dinner. 

In the evening, when I went to my doctor's appointment, he asked me during my exam if I felt the contraction I was experiencing.  I was shocked! 

"Is that a contraction?  I had that all day!" He proceeded to tell me that although I had not begun dialating, my cervix was beginning to thin out.

Needless to say, that evening, I did not do much sleeping.  Instead, I began getting the final things ready for our hospital stay.  Brian even got into the act and began packing our suitcase with the items he would need.

The contractions remained pretty steady all of Wednesday, but the was no real pain involved in any of the contractions until later in the afternoon.  Brian called me throughout the day to check on me and to se how I was doing.  On his last call, I told him that the spasms were beginning to reach into my back but I was still good.  In fact, I was out pulling the laundry off the line.

He asked me to call our doctor to see what the doctor wanted me to do (even though  I did not feel ready to go to the hospital yet).  I called, the doctor told me to go to Labor and Delivery as soon as possible, and my world was instantly thrown into a tail spin! 

Brian was still at work over an hour away hitting the delete button on a voicemail where the voicemail box owner has caused her voicemail to turn one message into over 7,000 saved messages.  The account could not just be deleted as a whole.  Each voicemail had to be deleted individually.  He had reached the 5,000 mark when he told the customers he was sorry, this was the button they needed to continue pushing until the voicemail box was completely empty, but his wife had been sent to the hospital and he needed to get home immediately. 

Dad had called during this time just to see how I was doing.  I explained what was happening, that Addie was not happy that she was going to miss Awana, I was trying to get all of my last minute things done, and trying to feed Addie before needing to leave, and waiting for Brian to come home.  He told me that he was only ten minutes away and would be right over to help me in any way he could. 

I called my in-laws to let them know what was happening.  We decided that because they have a car seat for Addie in their vehicle, Pops would take Addie to Awana and Mom would drive to the hospital with us.  They would be over shortly as well.

I called my aunt Elsie (Lala) to let her know to be on alert because she might have Addie a day earlier than we anticipated.  She said she would be right over to help me in any way she could.

I was instantly put at ease.  I was no longer going to alone at the house with my 3 year old while trying to check off all of the things on my list that I wanted to do before going into the hospital.

One by one, everyone began showing u to house and things were being checked off my list.  Pops took Addie to church, Brian came home and got ready, and our little troup headed to the hospital. 

When we arrived, I was hooked up to some monitors for the baby's heartbeat and to track the contractions.  The nurse found that I was 1 1/2 inches dialated and my doctor was notified. He told them to give me two giant mugs of water to see if that would slow or stop my contractions. It didn't.

Close to 10:00 p.m. we were told that we would be having a baby in the next hour.  Phone calls were made.  My in-laws and my aunt Elsa and Addie, who had already gone home, all turned around and came right back to the hospital.  My sister Faye and my brother-in-law Jim who live about an hour away from us drove to the hospital to share in this moment.  My cousin Lisa and her family of 6 came dressed in their pjs to see Ian. My friend Sherri, who works in the mother/baby unit and arranged her work schedule around Ian's arrival, also came for the birth.

I was taken into the operating room and prepped for surgery.  All of the staff was absolutely wonderful.  I did get a little sick from the anesthesia, but other than that, it all went very smoothly.  Brian was brought in, and the process began.  It felt like forever, but then we heard that little cry. No matter how many children you have, hearing that cry for the first time in that particular child's life does something to you.  I burst into happy tears!  Brian was just beaming with pride.  He is totally in love with his little girl, but now he had son.  Because I never picked up batteries for my camera, Brian used my aunt Elsa's camera to take pictures of Ian in those first moments (will post those when I get them).  Ian was then taken to the nursery for his exam and I continued with my procedure. 

I could not wait to get out of the operating room and to hold my little boy for the first time.  I also wanted to see Addie's reaction to her little brother.  After about 45 minutes to an hour, I was done and taken to my room for a 30 minute recovery time during which our guests were able to come in one at a time to see me.  Faye was first (I had asked Brian not to leave the baby), and then Jim.  Brian made sure that the rest of the family waiting out in the hallway kept an eye on Ian, and then he came into the room to wait with me until my recovery time was over.

Once the okay was given, everyone came into the room, and it was such a joyous occasion.  There were lots of hugs and congratulations, many "I love you's", and laughter. Ian was brought in, and I got to hold my son for the first time.  It was a priceless moment.  With Addie, I was very self conscious the entire time.  This time, I just took and began talking to him and kissing him immediately.  Everyone, except Brian and Sherri, left, and we immidiately began nursing. 

As I had prayed for, he was a champion at nursing.  He immediately latched on and ate well.  Sherri stayed with us, answering questions and helping us in any way she could until 2:00 a.m. 

And so our little man became a part of our family and loved in every way.

Of course, there are many more stories from our time at the hospital and our transition back home and having Addie rejoin us and her response to Ian.  I look forward to sharing those stories with you in the coming days.  However, as I navigate a new schedule and a new role with new responsibilities, my postings may be a little more sporatic and not as daily as I'm used to.  Check back daily to see if I have posted any new stories from our family.


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