Thursday, September 29, 2011

Big Sister | Little Brother

One of the things I have loved the most has been watching Addie with her little brother. 

She wakes up in the morning asking, "Where's Ian?"  If he is in his bassinet, she walks over and begins saying in her sweetest baby talk, "Good morning, Buddy!  How are you, Papa?" (I have always called her Mama, and Ian is Papa.  They are just terms of endearment because sometimes names are just over rated.)

If I am nursing when she wakes up, she comes over and sits next to us, snuggles up to me, and talks to her brother.  She rubs his arms, legs, or back.

She is always asking to hold her little brother.  And if the timing is good and it is possible, I allow her to.  Ian is her brother. I never want her to feel that she has to be isolated from him or he from her.

Her first night home with us after her say with Lala (which she enjoyed immensely!), the four of us lay on the floor of her room on pillows are read lots of books together.  Then we all camped out in the living room. 

Yesterday, Ian had his first doctor's appointment, and in the true spirit of being the protective big sister, Addie stayed beside him during the appointment, telling him not to worry, not to cry, and that everything would be alright.  (This coming from the child who hates going to the doctor's!)

Everywhere we go, Addie is so proud to tell everyone that we have a little brother, his name is Ian, and he came out (of my belly). 

I am so proud of my two blessings.  Already, the differences in their personalities are so evident and I am so glad they are not cookie cutters of each other.  Their uniqueness will allow them to be complete individuals who cannot be compared to each other. 

Of course, there are still people who make their rude comments, impose their unwanted opinions, and relay horror stories of their own children or stories they have heard of from others.  Some things never change. 

But I have a feeling that these two will be proving alot of theories and popular ideas very wrong.  You go, my little munchies!  Prove them wrong! 


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