Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Our Baby Shower and Some More Off of the List

On Saturday, we were blessed by those who came and participated in the baby shower that my sister and brother-in-law threw for us.  We also had friends and family from out of town who had generously blessed us as well.  Brian and I were completely overwhelmed by the generosity shown to us and our little ones.  Addie also received some gifts from some of our guests, which was altogether too sweet.

My father, who has recently discovered his talent and love for photography, took pictures for us of the shower and put together a Smilebox slideshow using some of the best photos he took.  I hope you enjoy this glimpse into our family and what our extended family and friends experience in a get together done our way.

Click here to see the Smilebox Slideshow.

Edit: Last night was my doctor's appointment.  Ian's head is now in place below my pelvic bone.  It's just a matter of time now!
Update on the list:

Completing the items on my list has kept me rather busy around here.  I am happily crossing things off of my list and moving on to the next item.  Here are the most recent accomplishments for me.
  • Clean Out the Floor of Our Closet- This did not require as much lifting as I originally thought it would, so I was able to tackle this without much help.. There was that large bin on the floor with school type things for Addie that Brian moved for me, and now our closet is as it should be.
  • Find 5 photos to replace with photos of Ian- Because Brian definitely has a say in the decisions around our home, I asked him for help in this one.  We walked around the living room and dining room and decided which photos we would be replacing with photos of our little man.  Until we have those replacement photos, our current photos will stay where they are.
  • Have a baking day and freeze all extra breads and muffins- My friend Sherri came over on Tuesday of last week and we baked from 9:30 a.m. until 2:45 p.m. (when she had to leave to pick up her som from school).  We had a blast together and baked one large bread pudding, a dozen apple muffins, 2 dozen pumpkin muffins, 4 banana bread mini loaves, 1 large pumpkin bread, 4 pumpkin mini loaves, and I made a dozen French Toasts.  Everything has been labeled and frozen for use for my family so their breakfasts are covered after Ian arrives.
  • Pack my bag- My bag is as packed as possible for now.  I have a list written out of items that are going to be packed the night before and the morning of because I cannot go without those items until I reach the hospital.  My bag is on the floor in our bedroom and ready for me to toss other items in there as my need/use for them lessens. 
  • Pack Ian's bag- Ian's bag is packed and ready to go.  I have several outfits in the bag and a sports swaddling blanket ready for him.  This time around, I am not doing the "hospital clothes" thing.  My boy is going to look good while we're there!
  • Pack Addie's bag- A good deal of Addie's bag is packed and ready to go.  Again, there are some items that cannot be packed until right before we take her to Lala's house for her little getaway.  And again, I have a list written out to remind me of those little things so that nothing is forgotten/
We are at the countdown point!  Before we know it, our little man will here, and you will get to watch another little person in our family grow up before your eyes.


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