Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Little Sweetheart

Yesterday's procedure went well, although I'm sure Ian has a totally different take on it.  When they brought him to me, he was screaming (who can blame him?).  I immediately fed him to calm him down.  He would latch on and then whimper.  He couldn't decide whether to eat or cry, poor boy.

Needless to say, diaper changes have been awkward for me.  The first one I did yesterday was a Mom L's house.  I figured she had four boys, if anyone could help me through the first diaper change it would be her.

This morning, after changing Ian's diaper and clothes (I can't figure out how to get the gauze on him without him leaking out of his diaper), I layed him in his bassinet. His bouncy chair and blanket were soaked (and are now in the wash). Addie came in the room and stayed by his side, talking to him for a while.

I went into the kitchen to make my breakfast and noticed that Addie left the room.  A few moments later, she came back holding one of her dolls. Her conversation went something like this:

"Ian, you see my baby?  His name is Ian just like you.  He's a boy because he doesn't have hair." (Never mind the fact that the doll wears pink clothes!)

Yesterday, she was also very comforting to him saying things like, "What's the matter with my good boy?  Is my good boy okay?  Hey, buddy boy, how're you doing?"

She is a real sweetheart.  Love you, Addie Girl. You're my favorite girl in the whole wide world!


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