Monday, November 7, 2011

An Update in Photos

I was finally able to retrieve my photos from my camera from the last month and a half.  I am so thankful for photos and how they are able to capture the moments which mean so much  and the little moments that are so valuable but easily forgotten.  I have not arranged the photos chronologically.  I have grouped them in a way that told a better story than just seeing a blow by blow of our lives.  I hope you enjoy this glimpse.

We had a feeling that Ian was going to arrive ahead of schedule, so the week before our scheduled due date, we installed his new car seat. You just never know when a baby will decide to come.

At the Hospital

Brian had to get dressed up in his gear before entering the Operating Room.

Our first picture with Ian.  Since I knew deep down tha when I went to the hospital I was going to give birth, I made sure my hair and makeup were done.   Vain, I know, but seriously, after looking at my pictures before and after delivery with Addie, I knew I had to go in prepared this time around.... at least for the picture's sake!

Our doctor has to be the best doctor in the world!  He is so sweet, and Brian really likes him, too. 

Our Family

I was so glad Brian could be at Ian's first foctor's visit. Addie was so helpful, too. While the doctor was examining Ian, he began screaming.  Addie reassured him and told him that the doctor would not hurt him. This coming from my girl who used to dread going to the doctor's! 

Brian loves his football.  And he loves his Tampa Bay Buccaneers!  So the kids and I surprised him by dressing for the Monday night football game in our Bucs gear.  The smile on his face was so worth the effort.  The kids have their own Bucs gear,  I just borrowed one of his jerseys.

Extended Family

Lala's visits continue to be a highlight for me.  I love being able to talk, share, laugh, cry, and feel completely comfortable in speaking freely.  The kids love her visits, too.  Addie because Lala plays with her and always brings her M&Ms, and Ian because Lala never puts him down.  Brian loves the chocolate chip cookies she brings us at each visit.

One Saturday, Uncle Johnny and Lala came for a visit and brought Chinese food with them.  We ate and had a wonderful visit.  These pictures of Uncle Johnny are priceless since he hates having his picture taken.  During this visit, Lala never got to hold Ian.  Uncle Johnny laid claim to him right from the beginning.

We went to visit my sister Faye and her husband Jim at their new (and beautiful!) home.  We had a wonderful time with them.  And we made sure they held Ian quite a bit.  We weren't trying to throw hints thier way......

We are so blessed to have Grandma.  She was able to come to a couple of Ian's doctor's appointments (since there were no shots involved).  After the checkups, she treatsed us to McDonalds.  I think these pictures perfectly show the mutual love Addie and Grandma have for each other. 

Big Sister Little Brother

"Mommy, can I hold Ian?"  She loves having a little brother.  She is always trying to tell me what she can do for him.  She loves her little brother so much, and I am so proud of the big sister she is.  She is content just being next to him, reading to him, or coloring beside him.


He is growing so fast!  He out grew all of his newborn sized outfits and is now in 0-3 months clothes.  Generally speaking, he wakes up once in the middle of the night to eat (between 2 and 3) and then early in the morning (between 5 and 6). He eats like a champion.  He has begun smiling, looks like he wants to talk to us, and is a definite Momma's Boy at this point. I am constantly kissing those scrumptious cheeks of his!


My girl makes me happy.  She loves animals (even if they make her break out), Awana, fruit, the park, schooltime, and running around.  One night when we went to check on her before going to bed, we found her sleeping in her Elmo bed.  We had to chuckle.  That would be like Addie.  Who needs a comfy, big girl bed when there is a perfectly good Elmo be (that we have outgrown) just waiting to be used?


I am getting excited about the upcoming holidays- Thankdgiving and Christmas.  We have had Thanksgiving decorated for since the last week of September.  I am looking forward to putting up the Christmas tree and decorations.  What a wonderful time of the year!


I am getting back into the swing of things around here.  I am now 6 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight but I still have some work to do.  I am able to wear a few of my non-maternity jeans, but I am wearing maternity tops most of the time because it is easier to nurse in them.  I look forward to teaching Addie in our school time and have so many ideas of things I would love to do with her.  I am also thinking of what I will be working on with Ian. 

I am squeezing the most out of the moments I have.  While I am sitting in the lobby waiting for Addie while she is in Awana, I use that time to either play uninterrupted with Ian or, if he is sleeping, I'll read a magazine or write out plans and ideas that I have for my husband and children.  I love that time because I can't use it for anything else.  I can just spend time thinking about creative ways to bring joy to my family.


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