Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Family Fun... an Update in Photos

If you remember from the beginning of the year, I am using Project Life put out by Becky Higgins.  I have loved doing this project faithfully this year.  For me, the highlight will be on either New Year's Eve or New Year's Day.  Brian has told me that we are going to sit down with the album and look at our year from beginning to end.  I am so excited! Especially since our year (January) began with a pregnancy test and ended with a family of four! 

As I was updating the photos for the album, I noticed that my format went from being a daily photo to some weeks focusing on a specific day or just doing a week in review.  I have liked the last two ways of using the album much more than having to chose 1 photo for each day, especially when some days don't have a picture and others have more than one.

Here are some highlights from our past couple of weeks.

My grandmother (my mother's mother) is talented in the art of crochet.  When I was a little girl, she made me a long dress-like sweater in pink and cream (I still have it).  Before my mother passed away, she asked Grandma to make one for Addie (I was still pregnant at the time).  I am so thrilled that Addie is now big enough to fit in the sweater.  She wears it so beautifully.

Joining us in our room in the morning is a fun family "thing" of ours.  On Saturdays and Sundays, we hear the little patter of footsteps as Addie makes her way through the house to our room.  She almost always ends up on my side, patting me or the bed (whichever is in reach for her), and I then pull her up into the bed.  This particular morning, Ian and Addie both ended up hanging out with us.

Brian's least favorite part of Christmas is hanging the lights out on the house.  But he does such a super job of it and really plans out what he is going to do to make sure everything looks right.

This was my first time to Busch Gardens this year not being pregnant!  Because of that, Brian let me be the one to do all of the rides with Addie.  She is an excellent pilot on the Snuffy ride!

Brian was out of town for the first part of last week.  If Brian is not home, I really don't see the point in cooking. Afterall, he is the reason I cook.  Addie is a nibbler, and I only eat to live. (Speaking of, I have reached my first weight goal! I'm now at my my pre-pregnancy weight and have begun wearing some of my pre-second- pregnancy clothes.  Woohoo! Now on to goal number 2.) Because of that, we discovered the joys of Ramen noodles, or as Addie calls them "curly noodles".

Our days are moving along beautifully.  We have a rhythm to our day that works wonderfully for us.  Every activity has it's own time and Addie (and Ian) know what to expect.  Seriously. Ian's body now has him on the 2 1/2 hour schedule and if he is sleeping, he wakes up right at a feeding time on the dot!

This week we are helping the little guys from Team Mac with their Flat Stanley project.  Check here to read Kristi's update on the project and to see a photo of my cutie pie holding Stanley at our church (yep, we took Stanley to church with us).  I think Brian and I are having way too much fun wuth this project... but when kids are involved, it's very easy to go all out!


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