Friday, December 2, 2011

The Simplicity of Childhood

As adults, we are always looking for a simpler way to live, simpler ideas on how to do the jobs we have, simple meals, and living a life of simplicity.  In fact, last year, my word for the year was simplicity. 

But really, if we want to know how to live simply and have a simple attitude towards life itself, we really need to take a good look at children.

Yesterday was December 1st and we began the countdown to Chirstmas with Addie (as was mentioned in this post).  When she woke up in the morning, I told her that she could open the present in the basket with the number 1 on it. 

She was beyond excited. 

She unwrapped the video Hanna Barbera The Greatest Adventure The Nativity (Thanks, Cathy R!) and was beside herself that she got a movie to watch! (Never mind the fact that it has been in the video cabinet for a couple of months now and we have already seen it.)

And again, I fell in love with my daughter (happens quite regularly around here).  She did not respond with a "we already saw this movie" or "we already have this." She responded with the simple joy of childhood. She was happy that she got to unwrap something. She was happy that she got to watch a "new" movie. She was happy that she could connect the story of the Nativity that she was watching to the Nativity scene on the dining room buffet.

It reminded me of the times that Jesus used a child to teach his disciples the type of attitude He wanted them to have.

May we, as adults, remember this Christmas season that our attitudes need to be like that of a child:
  • Joy for the Baby that this season is for to begin with.
  • Thankful for what we receive. 
  • Not critical of the cost. 
  • Love for the giver.
  • Relishing the extra time with family and friends.


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