Thursday, December 29, 2011

Traditional Ideas

Traditionally speaking, our holidays are associated with seasons. And many times the picture we have in our mind for each of those holidays has been generated by Hollywood and their vision of what the perfect Thanksgiving or Christmas looks like- beautifully colored leaves falling to the ground with crisp weather and clear blue skies for Thanksgiving or the perfect little white 2 story home with evergreen garland coming down the pillars to the entrance nestled in a beautiful blanket of newly fallen snow.

So when a three year old who was born in and lives in Florida looks outside, nothing is as it is "supposed" to be.

On December 23rd, Addie looked out our back window and saw that our leaves had fallen and covered our backyard.

"It's Thanksgiving! The leaves are on the floor!" she exclaimed with the most excited voice.

"No, Mama." I said. "When the leaves are on the floor where Marky and Julia live, it's Thanksgiving. When leaves are on the floor here, it's Christmas."

On Christmas Eve, as she was going to bed, Addie was so excited, not because of the gifts she would open in the morning, but because she thought there would be snow on the ground in the morning. We tried to explain that we just don't get snow here- at all.

Christmas morning, she looked out her window before coming into the living room where we were. She looked pretty disappointed as she said, "There's no snow!"

Poor child..... one day she'll be able to appreciate wearing shorts outside on Christmas Day.


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