Friday, December 30, 2011

Planning for the New Year

As we say goodbye to Christmas, our next moment of anticipation is looking to the New Year. Some choose to make resolutions, others choose to focus on one word to work on in their lives, others intend to make a fresh start and begin new habits.

Here on the blog, the New Year is great for rescheduling, reorganizing, and finding a better way to approach this hobby that I so thoroughly enjoy.  Now that my hands are wonderfully full with my super-fantastic husband and two little munchies, having a plan of attack helps me so that I can always have a post up.

So.... are you ready...... here is the plan!

Monday- Project Life Update

Once again this year, I am doing Project Life as a way to "scrapbook" our family's memories. I loved doing this project last year, and Dad purchased the new set for me for Christmas.  Since I will already be working on my photos on a weekly basis anyway, it will give me a way to share our week and my project with you.

Tuesday- Life Lessons

Lord willing, we will be finishing our Proverbs 31 lessons and Genesis this year (2012). You can expect this to come back as a regularly scheduled weekly post.

Wednesday- Planning

It is no secret that I love planing, scheduling, and organizing. It is what keeps me sane. Here are some topics that you can look forward to this year.
  • A clean out/purge list
  • A one-room-per-month deep cleaning list
  • Daily planning
  • Homeschooling
  • Daily schedules
  • Food/ meals planning
  • Planning monthly activities
Thursday- Miscellaneous

We all need a free for all type day. This is the day where I might share a recipe, a DIY project, my deep, reflective thoughts (scary!), share some idea links with you.... you never know what you might find  here on Thursday! How exciting!

This year, I am not committing to doing a weekly book club. I honestly just don't have the time yet for it. I do hope to get back to it soon, but for right now, I'll just be doing a book review once in a while.

Friday- Family Updates

This is where you will see:
  • Addie-isms- I've been told that you love these and boy have we had some dooseys lately!
  • Conversations in our home
  • Big moments and little moments
  • Doctor visit updates- I cannot wait for Ian's next appointment! I am really wanting to see how much he weighs right now. He's a hefty little guy and wonderfully round!
  • Events
  • Holiday celebrations and updates
Saturday- Scrapbook

In September, I was contacted My Memories, a digital scrapbooking software company, and given their software to use. I will be using their software to show you what you can make using their product, hopefully on a weekly basis. There will be four giveaways of the My Memories Suite this coming year and some freebies of their products here on the blog. As a disclaimer, I do receive compensation for sales made through the blog.

So, Lord willing, this is the plan for the upcoming year. I hope you are looking forward to what I have planned as much as I am. Here's to a wonderful and blessed New Year!

I will have a post up for tomorrow (Saturday) which will be on the word I have chosen to focus on for 2012.


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