Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fun Ideas

I have been actively looking for activities to do with Addie. She is very much a hands-on, craft loving girl. I am a let's-keep-the-craft-somewhat-containable kind of Mom. I found a great list called "10 Fun Ways to Play With Your Child In...." and there is a list for each month.

Above is one of the activities taken from the January list that Addie and I did together. With mixture made up of 1/2 a cup each of flour, salt, and water we "painted" with "snow" and made a snowman. I took white chalk and outlined the snowman and she spread the paste in the outline. Then we took chocolate chips and pushed them into the paste for the eyes, nose, mouth, and buttons.

The activites range from crafts to creating obstacle courses in your living room. We are having a great time, and Addie never knows what our activity is going to be, which keeps her on her toes. I hope you enjoy these lists as much as we are.


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