Friday, January 13, 2012

Addie-isms for the New Year

Once again, it is time for another round of Addie-isms.

We have been reading The Good Shepherd Prayer: Understanding the 23rd Psalm by L' Ann Carwell. Because we read this every day, Addie has a good part of the book and the passage memorized. In the car as we were driving around one evening, she began quoting bits and pieces, including verse 1 "The Lord is my Shepherd." Brian asked her if she knew what that meant and then went on to say that we are God's sheep and He leads us. Being that children her age tend to be very concrete and literal in their thinking, she responded with extreme surprise and disbelief, "I'm not a sheep!"

The day before new Year's Eve, I needed to get some much needed cleaning done because of the gathering we were hosting on New Year's Eve. I asked Addie to entertain Ian for a bit while I finished up. With all of the gusto in the world she answered, "Mommy, put Ian in his room so he can watch me play with his toys!"

Sometimes the front door stays open a bit too long as we are coming in and out and it is easy for creatures to fly in. One evening a fly did manage to make its way into the house. Addie grabbed a towel, ran around the house flicking it, and shouting, "Don't worry Ian! I'll 'tect you!"

Addie was in one room and we were in another. We overheard her telling the Christmas account to her stuffed animals, and suddenly Adam and Eve were at the stable! Brian looked in and found that she had turned the page in her picture Bible and had gone back to the beginning and the Garden of Eden.

We gave Addie a Christmas Eve morning gift. When she unwrapped it, she saw a box (the gift, her Webkin, was inside). She got the biggest smile and said, "I got a box! Thank you!" (She is at the stage where boxes are treasure chests and can hold her little trinkets)

When I was around Addie's age, my aunt Alice gave me a doll who is really a book. The  skirt becomes the pages to the story of "Little Red Riding Hood." Addie has become attached to this doll (although nothing can take Taffy's place) and has had us read the story to her over and over again. She has memorized parts of the story and tells it to us with her own little twists added in. For instance, somehow a snake makes its way into the story. And I'm not quite sure why Addie thinks Red Riding Hood, Grandmother, and the Woodcutter EAT the big bad wolf at the end of the story.....


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