Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Life Lessons | Proverbs 31:

"She stretches out her hand to the distaff, and her hands grasp the spindle."

Let us see what Mrs. Proverbs 31 is doing today.

I guess we could call the distaff and spindle the modern day equivalents of the sewing machine. Women used to make their own threads by taking wool and putting it through a process in order to get yarn by using these machines. Then they would take their yarn and create something useful for themselves or their family.

How many of us own a sewing machine? My husband bought one for me for my 29th birthday. I will admit, I probably haven't put it to a lot of use. Yes, I did make our bedroom set with it, made a few skirts, a dress, and quilt, but I'm sure I could find many more ways to use my sewing machine.

I'm sure we have other machines that can help us to do things that the women of old wish they could have used. Several Christmases ago, my father got me a Cricut (a machine that cuts letters and shapes to be used for scrapbooking and other types of paper crafts). I have had such a great time putting it to good use.

Let us try to make the most of our "machines". We live in a wonderful time where we do not have to do everything by hand, but we can use our "machines" to make handmade things. With the economy being what it is, let us make the most of our God-given tools- our hands- and do what we can for our families and ourselves. Let us stretch out our hands to our "distaff", and may our hands grasp the sewing machine- I mean spindle.

Memorize Proverbs 31:19


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