Monday, January 16, 2012

Our Week | In Photos

This has been one of those really busy weeks where everything happened in one week and now I have this week to recouperate. But sometimes these weeks are great because they keep you on your toes and force you to become more flexible.

Sunday: I think that by the time I took this picture, Ian had had enough of story time/ talk time/ hang out time. This has become something that we do at naptime and bedtime (pictured). Ian usually is all smiles and giggles, and Addie loves having Ian so close to her. As I pick him up to leave her, she usually begs for him to stay with her. I don't think either of them would fall asleep if we did that!

Monday: As mentioned in Thursday's post, we did a fun craft. What Mom L and I found funny was that at library time later in the week, the teacher was talking about snow and asking the children questions as if they were familiar with snow. When she showed a shadow like image of a mitten, Addie answered that it was a hand. Ummmm, Teacher..... Florida children don't wear mittens or gloves and they certainly don't know that snow melts if you put it in your pocket.

Tuesday: We had some missionary friends of ours over for dinner. Our children are all around the same ages and really got along well. We had such a wonderful time with them.

Wednesday: Brian came into the room as I was reading Addie a bedtime story and snapped a picture. Although it is not the most attractive picture (good gracious! I had just showered, had wet hair, and no makeup!), it really shows something that I want Addie to always remember. That Mommy and she have snuggle time, and we read books together and just spend time together.

Thursday: Brian and a friend, his Fantasy football buddy, had a planning session for the 2012 season. (Due to his friend's line of work, I thought it best not to put up a picture.)

Friday: I had to go shopping for gifts for the kids in my family for our Christmas gathering on Saturday. As I was looking around, Mom L and I found these adorable hats. I love how they come down over the ears to keep them warm..... and how adorable my munchies look in them. I couldn't decide which picture I liked the best, so I layered the two together. (Doesn't the little polar bear look ferocious!)


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