Monday, February 27, 2012

The Highlight of Her Birthday

Again, this year, we took Addie to Busch Gardens for her birthday. She was determined that she was going to ride a roller coaster and she did.... six times! It was a children's coaster, but Brian and I enjoyed it just as much as she did (we tag teamed with the kids).

Because we had to bring her birth certificate with us for her ticket, the cashier noticed that we were there on her birthday. Addie was given a pin stating that it was her birthday, and we went on our way. At the Sesame Street photo  section, Elmo and his handler noticed the pin and "Elmo" came up with a great idea! Because his show was going to start in a couple of minutes, he "needed" help finding his friends... and he needed Addie's help to find them!

Here is the video of Addie helping Elmo find his friends. It was definitely her moment. And I was so thankful that God had allowed so many things to happen which caused this moment to happen for her.

Addie and Elmo from Suzette Ladouceur on Vimeo.


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