Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's A Date.....

October 2003- on our way to a couples SS dinner
When a couple is dating, a "date" signifies time where they go off, do things together to get to know each other better, and can focus on each other.

July 2006- 2nd anniversary

When a couple is married, (besides feeling like they are on an extended date with their love) they continue the tradition of the date with "date night" so they don't forget the importance of carving out time for each other.

When children come along, "dates" and when they occur  and how we view them changes.

January 2012- 2 kiddos later

When Grandma and Grandpa, or aunts and uncles, watch the kids so you can go out to dinner and/or a movie..... it's a date.

When a group of couples gets together for an event, and the munchies are off having fun of their own.... it's a date.

When there is an activity going on at church for the kids and Mommy runs to the store for a gourmet dessert to split with Daddy and they eat and talk in the living room while waiting to go back to pick up the kids.... it's a date.

When Daddy puts on a pot of coffee and Mommy finishes up the last few things for the evening so they can sit down and watch their show together once the kids have gone down for the night.... it's a date.

When Mommy and Daddy talk on the phone while Daddy is tired and driving through the rain.... it's a date.

I think Brian and I have had more dates now than we ever did before!


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