Friday, February 17, 2012

Dear Bud

On Tuesday you are going to be 5 months old! I cannot believe how quickly time is flying by. It feels like just yesterday we were heading to the hospital to have you.

And you know what? Your contractions should have given me an indication of the type of baby you were going to be: mild, laid back, and quiet.

Sometimes I think you think your name is Bud. I don't know why, but Addie and I call you that constantly. Maybe it's because we both think of you as our buddy. But when we say "Bud" you turn and look in our direction.

There are only two pictures I have of you wearing shoes: this one and from the series of pictures that Grandpa You Beat took of you. You will not keep your shoes on for anything! It is like you are on a mission when I put shoes on you- see how fast I can take them off! Silly Boy!
 You have some tricks under your belt. You roll onto your tummy.... and that is where you stay. Poor guy! No matter what, you just can't roll back. Don't worry. It will happen soon.

You have also learned to catch your toes. I say "catch" because your feet won't stay still and you literally have to catch them midair in order to hold on to them.

You are learning to sleep on your own without being rocked. When you are ready to fall asleep, you put your hands up over your eyes and within a few minutes you are out. You also are letting Mommy sleep longer at night. Thank you so much! It really makes a difference in my day.

You are such a sweet boy, and your church nursery ladies love you. They get so excited when I walk up to the door with you, and they pass you around to each other so everyone gets a chance to hold you. You don't mind at all! In fact, you love the attention.

We just need to work on one thing, Bud. When the ladies are changing your diaper, don't wiggle so much. For three weeks now, we have had huge messes on our hands (and your clothes and Daddy's clothes) when we get home from church since somehow your diaper isn't going on just right. But since I know how wiggly you are, especially when I'm changing you, I can only imagine that our ladies are having just as hard a time. And having to give you a bath as soon as we walk in the door from church when Daddy is hungry..... honey, you know you and Daddy have the same kind of appetite.

Addie is convinced that she is going to be your teacher and is trying to work with you on your use of sign language. You think she is just being funny, and you smile and giggle your way through her lessons.

We are still at 2 1/2 hour feedings, but I have been trying to stretch your feedings to 3 hours.

Daddy and I decided to give the cereal a try to see if that would help stretch out your feedings. All it did was show us how much you love to eat! When I take the spoon away to give you your next serving, you actually fuss and sometimes cry if I dare take a bite of my food.

You see the cute little bib in the photo? We can't use it anymore. Why? Because when you discovered it and all the fun colors and the sound it makes when you crunch it in your hands, you made it impossible to feed you. I now have to immediately soak your clothes after your feedings.

You love jumping right in and getting involved. The other day while I was holding you and getting Addie a cup of milk, you tried putting your hands right in the milk! You are going to be such a hands-on kind of fellow!

I get so excited to see on a daily basis glimpses of the little boy you are going to grow into. I love everything I see so far. And it doesn't matter that we named you Ian, you will always be my little Bud.



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