Thursday, March 1, 2012

He's A Tough Guy....

.... at least he likes to think so.

Back when we were first rearranging the rooms in our home to accommodate our new arrival, Addie was moved into her new bedroom. Brian had finished vacuuming just before bed time and left the vacuum in the hallway. A few minutes after saying goodnight to Addie, we heard her crying from her bed (originally her bed was going to be against the wall looking out her bedroom door). Brian and I were both in the office, and I began to move to see what was bothering our girl.

"Stay strong, Babe," he said. "She'll stop crying in a minute."

Then she began calling me.

Again, I began to move, and, again, Brian said, "Be strong. She'll stop crying."

Then she called him.

I have never seen him jump up so fast!

"What happened to being strong?" I asked.

"I  know," he said with a bashful look, "but my baby called me."

Hello! She called me, too!

As it turned out, the vacuum that had been left in the hallway "has eyes and it was looking at me!" Daddy moved it and saved the day.... umm, night.

Now we have our little guy, and I have been working on getting him to fall asleep in his crib on his own during his nap times. And we have been very successful (thank you, Lord!). However, for some reason (a-hem!), we are having a bit of a rough time getting him to fall asleep at night on his own.

I wonder if Daddy being home in the evenings has anything to do with that?

The other night, for instance, I put Ian in his crib for the evening just before putting Addie to bed. He fussed a bit, and Brian came to see if it was okay that he was fussing. I told him it was fine and that he would stop in a few minutes (mind you, he was fussing, not crying).

As I was reading Addie's devotions to her, the fussing subsided, and I was satisfied that Brian would see that the fussing does stop and Ian does fall asleep on his own.....

....until Brian walked into the room with that same bashful look and a happy Ian in his arms.

That's my tough guy..... and I love him to pieces!


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