Monday, March 5, 2012

Our World | A Photo Peek

I have definitely had some favorite photos from the past few weeks.Here they are in no particular order.

One of my favorites from Addie's birthday. Such a little lady!

Another favorite from her birthday. We let her pick out the color for her cake. Pink is our current favorite color.... with purple coming in at a close 2nd. Her cake was pink with brown polka dots and brown sugar bow.

This is my current "usual." Baby on my hip... and in my old jeans again! Oh, yeah! Doing the happy dance! Still have a little work to do, but I am happy!

On Saturday, Addie and I went to a local high school where our library was conducting a book fair. It was a Mommy/Daughter date. Daddy and Bud stayed home and had some guy time. There was a local author at the fair. She wrote a book when she was ten (she is now 14), and she was there reading her book to the children who came to her table to color a picture based on the story. We bought a copy of the book, had her sign it, and Addie got a picture with her.

Speaking of Bud, here he is! His legs are perfectly round.... and so are his arms, cheeks, tummy, feet, hands.... oh yes, he is deliciously plump! His hands even have those cute little dimples! He has somehow managed to wiggle his way out of the bumpers we have for him so he won't roll over while he is sleeping. I haven't slept well for a few nights now because of that. We usually find his bumper at one end of the crib and him, on his belly, at the other end. I can't wait until he learns to roll back onto his back.

"Mommy, can I hold Ian?" I am always hearing this question. I think she forgets that he is a real person and not a doll. Oh, but she loves him and lives to make him happy.

At the library book fair, we got to meet some firemen. Addie tried on part of the uniform. Last week, she had mentioned that when she grew up she wanted to be a "fireman lady." I will encourage her to be the best at whatever God wants her to be... and I'll keep praying that He chooses something that is a little safer.

This is the scene at dinner. Our table is full. Our hearts are full. And Ian is loving his oatmeal cereal and sweet potatoes.

They are always together. The one who cannot go anywhere and the one who can.... but chooses to stay nesr her little brother.

She enjoys playing near him, and he can't wait to get his hands on what she's playing with. Can't you just see the wheels turning?

When I see this picture, I think of the song "These Are A Few of My Favorite Things."  Dinosaurs and tea cups and cute baby brothers, Elmo pajamas and playing with others..... these are a few of her favorite things.


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