Monday, March 19, 2012


As I was driving to my dad's house one day, instead of grumbling about how far away from everything we are, I thanked God that because it takes us longer to get places, I have to keep space in my schedule for travel, which keeps me from overbooking myself.

The drive also forces me to take the time to look at the trees (and, boy, are there lots of trees!), the sky, the clouds, and the scenery instead of just watching for my turns. I thanked God for the fact that I had to drive past my parents house to get home for the last year and a half of my mother's life and because of that I spent so much extra time with her that I now have no regrets of "I wish I had spent more time..." I thanked him that although at the time we did not need the room, because of our house, we were able to take dad and Faye in after Mom's passing and we had enough room for everyone to have their own room. And now because of the location of our home, we are able to spend more time with Mom and Pops L than if we still lived in town, and it gives my children more access to their grandparents, which is very important to me (I passed the turn off to their house while driving to my Dad's house).

When I arrived at my dad's house to bring him dinner (he was supposed to have dinner with us that night but because he had become sick he stayed home), he gave me two shopping bags full of baby food jars that someone had given him for Ian.

That incident made me take stock of other things I am thankful for.

Thank you, Lord, for:
  • the wonderful man I have been blessed with and that he loves me for who I am and not what I look like.
  • my favorite daughter and favorite son. They are truly gifts and blessings.
  • the overtime you blessed Brian with this weekend. I didn't like him being out of town for two nights (I hear everything at night when he is gone), but we do appreciate the time and a half he earned.
  • my in-laws and how much they love me and the kids (and their son, of course) and do so much with and for us.... and the delicious dinner Mom made us on Friday night.
  • the great relationship I have with my sister and how technology keeps us close and in touch.
  • text messaging! It is how mommies who are home all day stay connected.
  • the Puggles group and how You are using them to allow me to use my gifts outside of our home.... and to teach me flexibility because for two weeks nothing has gone according to plan.
  • my washing machine because without it I'd be at the kitchen sink forever.
  • my dishwasher because without it I'd be at the kitchen sink forever.
  • coffee.... need I say more?
And I am so genuinely thankful for you, my readers, and the interest you have shown in our lives. I am deeply humbled.


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