Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter | Part 3

The most important part of Easter happened Easter morning.

After going over the reason for celebrating Easter with Addie (the resurrection of Jesus) and opening our Easter gifts at home, we got ready for the 11:00 service at church.

We chose to keep the kids with us rather than putting them in the nursery since we knew it would probably be packed in the preschool building. They did a great job in the service, although Bud thought he had some insights into the service and decided to share them with everyone around us. Brian got up and took him out to the lobby whee he continues talking to whoever would listen.

After the service was over, we headed to Brian's brother's home for a family dinner/ cookout with a lamb barbecued on a spit. Awesome!

After letting our dinner settle, it was time to enjoy the pool. Ian got in on the action for a bit with Daddy. I sat on the edge of the pool and held Ian for the most part.

We enjoyed our weekend very much and are now trying to catch up on some much needed rest.... "trying" being the key word here.


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