Friday, April 6, 2012

Some Site Maintenance and an Addie Story

The photo has nothing to do with today's post. He's just too cute!

I have been wanting to go through the blog and make some improvements:
  • labeling blog articles
  • streamlining labels
  • adjusting photos
  • adding a page in the pages/tabs section
  • etc.
I will be in the process of doing this for the next couple of weeks......


I will still be blogging!

My blogs will just be a little more light-hearted and maybe a little shorter than normal. But I will still be here. (insert cute smiley face emoticon here)

As I complete some of the improvements, I will let you know what they are so you can check them out for yourself. Hopefully, these improvements will be helpful to you.

Before you think this post is going to be all business, here is a gem from the "Addie files." As you know, we began Kindergarten this week, and, as I mentioned yesterday, handwriting and penmanship are really being focused on with our curriculum. She has had to write the letters "Aa" and "Ee" more times than I can count.

For her birthday one of her aunts and uncles gave her a Leap Frog tablet that helps to practice writing the letters. We used it during our school time to help make her work a little more fun.

After school was over for the day yesterday, she grabbed her tablet and said, "Mom, I'm not writing the letters A or E. I'm going to do different letters. I think I'll do B."

I can't really blame her.... I am pretty tired of writing A's and E's, too.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend.

He is risen!


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