Friday, May 11, 2012

Addie | What Will She Come Up With Next!

This month Addie has kept us rolling with her comments and quick wit. Here is just a sampling of her quotes. comments, and one liners.

Right before putting Addie to bed on Wednesday, I gave her a kiss on the cheek and my lipstick left a mark on there. Brian noticed it and wiped it off. Addie came to me and said, "Mommy, I need you to kiss me again. Daddy messed up the kiss you gave me."

Addie likes getting up from her chair while we are eating, which is why she still sits in her booster seat. The other afternoon, she asked, "Mom, can I hug you?"
"After you finish eating your lunch you can hug me."
"But people who love each other hug each other."
(gulp!) "Okay. Come give me a hug."

Addie was putting together a puzzle.
Me: Grandma Ana liked doing puzzles.
Addie: Maybe when Grandma Ana comes out of Heaven she can do puzzles with me.
Me: Ummmm..... maybe when we go to Heaven you can do puzzles with Grandma Ana.
Addie: I'll need to take my puzzles with me so we can do them.
Me: I'm sure God has His own puzzles in Heaven.
Addie: Okay! God can do His puzzles and I can do mine.

After church, Addie wanted to take her church/Sunday school name tag off. Brian jokingly told her that if she did, he wouldn't know who she was. "I'll still be the same Addie," she explained

I was trying to explain that, according to where we are in our science lesson on Creation, God had not created grass and land yet (trying to take a concrete thinking 4 year old back in time to when the world was formless and void is not easy). "Yes, He did. Look outside, Mommy. He already made grass."

Addie was given a cute little turtle pencil sharpener. She didn't know what it was until I sharpened her school pencil for the first time. "How awesome is that!"

Brian told Addie, "I don't like it when you're sick. I want you to get better. Can you do that for me?" Addie looked at him with all seriousness and said, "I can't do that. Only God can do that!" That's my girl!

We've limited Addie's nap and bedtime stuffed animals to one stuffed animal because her little friends tend to keep her awake by talking to her and each other. Her solution: make a tent with all of her pillows! I guess we're going to have to limit those, too!

As I was putting Addie to bed one evening, Ian began babbling. Addie looked up and said, "Okay, Bud. Now can you say that in English?"

But my favorite happened yesterday morning. Brian had spoken to Addie about her recent fussing and whining and asked her to promise him that she would not do that that day. She promised, and he went off to work. Later that morning, she began to fuss about something and immediately stopped herself. "Oh. I promised Daddy I wouldn't fuss or whine today. I forgot."


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