Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Team

One of my favorite things is to happen upon a conversation that is going on between family members to get a real feel for their feelings on a particular matter or situation.

One evening recently, as Ian and I were getting ready to join Brian and Addie after their evening devotions (they are using Little Girls Bible Storybook for Fathers and Daughters) I overheard Brian explaining to Addie how our family works as a team.

"Our family is a team. I go to work and earn the money so I can pay for our home and for the food that we eat and for the things that we buy for you and Ian. Mommy's part of the team is to stay home and take care of you and Ian, teach you your school time, take care of the house and cook, and do all of the other things she does. Your part of the team is to obey and help us when we ask you to. And when Bud gets bigger, he'll have jobs to do on our team, too."

It was one of those moments where, although I know how Brian feels about me staying home (he would not have it any other way), it was wonderful to hear him talking about our family as being a team and that he valued my part of our team.

As a stay at home wife and mom, knowing that my husband considers my role in the home as being important makes me want to work that much harder. Thanks, Brian.


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