Friday, June 22, 2012

A Bit of Our Week

Bud got his first haircut with clippers. Grandma was our barber this time. And of course, Ian was so good about getting his hair cut.

For Father's Day, Brian requested Cracker Barrel for lunch/dinner. And because it was Father's Day, he got his wish.

Bud and me at Cracker Barrel.

He is such a good Daddy.

VBS ends today. Originally our class size was not to exceed 11.... I have had 13 of the most wonderful 4 year olds on earth and 3 of the best helpers. We have had a blast running, playing games, singing songs, painting, glueing, coloring, listening to Bible accounts, eating snacks, and taking a million potty breaks.... and I am ready for a nice long nap! I'm sure Brian is looking forward to me being awake once the kids go to sleep in the evenings. As it is, I've been falling asleep around 9:30 every night on the couch.  But it has been a good week!


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