Monday, June 25, 2012

VBS Success

We had a great week at VBS!

Our closing program was on Friday evening. Parents came to our classroom to collect the final crafts and projects off of our walls. My assistans and I corraled the kids and brought them over to the sanctuary through the rain, lined them up on the stage, worked on behavior and crowd control until the music began.....

......and then I went from being a teacher to being a proud parent.

I didn't care that one little boy was jumping up and down and singing obnoxously at the top of his lungs (even though he had not cooperated or sung during any of our practices the entire week).

I was the mother of the beautiful little girl in pigtails and white bows singing her little heart out in the second row and performing all of her hand motions perfectly. (During the second song her confidence was a little low with the some of the moves but she just followd the boy next to her and by the end of the song, she had them down)

I let all of the other teachers, helpers, and assistants remind the kids of the hand movements.

I had to record my girl singing so that Daddy could see it later since he had gotten home from work late that evening.

Here is my girl singing her songs during the program! Enjoy!


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