Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Little Things

Do you see those little things in my hand?

They are part of a set of a Noah's Ark set where Noah looks like a nesting doll, but his inside holds 10 little wooden eggs painted to look like 5 sets of animals. My friend Sherri gave this to Addie as a gift, and I love them. They are so cute!

On Saturday, after running some errands I came home to my little family, and my daughter who was looking for her little animals that she had hidden throughout the living room...

.....and now could not find.

She had been playing with them in her room because I will not allow these small pieces into an area that Ian shares with us, but Brian didn't know that. He felt badly that she was in her room playing by herself, so he told her to bring her toys into the living room. And she obeyed him.

Thankfully, Ian had not been let loose in the livingroom, and as much as he hated it, he was required to stay in his playpen or in the walker until we found the last three pieces. We began looking everywhere, in everything, under everything, on everything.

We found seven and were now short three.

We asked Addie about every place she might have put these little things. She couldn't remember. In one last ditch effort, I emptied the entire toy box into the middle of her room since that was where she had been playing originally.

About fifteen minutes later, Brian walked into the bedroom with a smile and the three little pieces in his hand. Addie's kitchen had been in the middle of the living roo earlier so she could play "McDonald's" with the little window. She had put the little pieces on the backside of the kitchen and I had put the kitchen back against the wall.

Now I was left with a room that I had had turned upside down. Thakfully, my sweet little girl helped me with a few sorting tasks which made the job a little easier.


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