Friday, June 8, 2012

Photos | Real Life

My sister recently emailed me with a bunch of cell phone photos I had sent her (the only way I can retrieve them off of my phone). As I went through them, I found myself smiling and remembering some wonderful times with my munchies and husband.

About 20 years ago my mother had given the pink and purple make-up case to my cousin, Belinda. GrandTiti brought it with her for Addie on her visit in December. But I love the conversation Addie's dolls were having that day. "I love your boots!" "Oh, thank you! And I love your hat!" So affirming!

Those are blackberry pancake crumbs on the spoon. This was taken right after his first taste and and his first sign language asking for "more"! I can't seem to get the spoon to him fast enough :)

Usually, if Mommy is trying to get ready in the morning, this is where he is. I tell you! Privacy goes completely out the window with the birth of your first child.

Oh, this is nothing! Now that he is on the move, he has to have someone beside him at all times.

He is such a wonderful man!

Would you look at those eyes! I had just drenched his head with water to keep him cool on our trip to Busch Gardens.

For Addie's birthday, we made footprint thank you cards for our guests. The following picture is our assembly line of cards in progress.

Every year, Brian watches the NFL football draft. This year, he had a little buddy for some of it.

Just before Easter, the kids had their hair cut by Aunt Kat. This was their "after" picture.

Everything goes in the mouth.

She is such a girly girl and princess. Right now when she grows up she wants to be a "fire-man girl, police "offer", doctor, pirate (as in "Jake and the Neverland Pirates"), teacher, and a mommy.

Squeaky clean!

For some reason we have this unreal fascination with the garbage can right now. This photo was taken just before he was told "No," and moved away from the garbage can. Don't worry, Bud, all too soon your job will be helping Daddy take out the trash.

We had gone shopping as a family and were in the men's section looking for shirts for Brian when Addie found this pair of shoes. I wish I had checked to see the size because I have never seen shoes this big before. She had a lot of fun trying them on and then trying to walk in them.


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