Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Plans

All photos below were edited in instagram by my sister Faye.

Summer is always such a fun time to make plans with our family. There seem to be fewer obligations and more free time to spend with our children. Here are some goals that I would like to meet over this summer in relation to my family.

Take Addie to play in water. Aunt Faye's community has a wonderful water playground and we always accept her invitations.

Take the kids outside at least two times a week to play in the sunshine. I hate being outdoors in the heat, but I know a little girl who loves it.

Take Addie out a few times for some girl time.

Find an exercise routine that works for me time-wise.

Get outside, work in the yard, and don't be afraid of getting sweaty and dirty. 

Use our weekend evenings to get out as a family.

Catch up on this little guys baby album!

Spend a lot of time making summertime memories with these two munchies.


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