Tuesday, July 31, 2012

There Is a Season

Ecclesiastes 3:1- There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven. (LAB)

This past week I suddenly realized that my "plate" filled up. I had gone for almost 4 years with nothing on my "plate" but taking care of my home and child(ren), and now suddenly my plate was full.

As I looked at the things on my plate, I realized that the activities I was now involving myself in at our church were not the same as I had once been involved in at our previous church. The activities were so opposite from each in so many ways.

I had been involved in the music ministry of our former church- singing special music, choir, bell choir, small ensemble, praise team. These were all very noticeable activities, and in all honesty, looking back, I wonder if my motives in being in these "ministries" were in the right place.

Now as Brian and I have both felt God calling us to step up and fill in some gaps created by church growth, the "ministries" we are finding ourselves in are not "up front", but more in the background, serving those who will not take notice at all.

Because I was a teacher at the church's academy, I did not involve myself (if I could help it) in any of the children's ministries. I was around kids all week and needed a break. In fact, when Brian and I went out to dinner one evening, as our hostess walked us to a table near a family with a lot of loud children, I asked her to seat us somewhere else so I could have an evening without other people's children around (pathetic, I know).

Now as a mother of two littles, I am finding myself immersed in children's ministries. I am continuing in the Awana Puggles group, but Brian and I have also signed up to teach the 4 and 5 year old Sunday morning class (totally Brian's idea!). Of course, next summer, Lord willing, I'll also participate in VBS again.

Brian has also signed up to be an usher during the service that we attend (our church is moving to 3 services in August). Again, totally his idea.

And I am homeschooling Addie for Kindergarten.

I looked at that proverbial "plate" and realized how good it all is. I know I am where God wants me because He is directing me through my husband, who, by the way, after being overly involved in our last church did not want to get involved in our present church.

We are serving in areas that will benefit our own children (Ian can join Puggles in the fall of 2013! I can't even fathom that!) as well as the children in their age group. Brian and I will have a chance to influence the friends that our children have, which is very important to us. I also feels good to know that as our church grows, we are helping to fill the spots created by growth to help our church function to its greatest level of service.

This is a new season in our lives. And I am so excited to be in it.


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